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Ignoring a sudden, painful toothache isn’t just difficult, it’s downright impossible. It also increases the likelihood of further damage to your oral health, and could even put your overall well-being at risk. So if you or a loved one experiences a sudden toothache, traumatic injury or broken dental appliance, it’s important to act fast. At Juldan Dental our 85224 dentist is available in the event of a dental emergency, so contact our office and we’ll prioritize your visit right away.

The treatment of a toothache depends upon the exact cause, with treatment ranging from a filling, root canal therapy, a course of antibiotic therapy, oral surgery, or other remedial action. When you visit our office for an emergency consultation about a toothache, Dr. Furyan-Banach will perform a careful exam of your oral cavity to precisely diagnose the source of your discomfort. You’ll be thoroughly evaluated for any signs of inflammation or infection as well as any damage to the tooth or surrounding tissues. We’ll take diagnostic films as needed, to help us to detect issues affecting hard-to-spot areas in between the teeth and in the underlying bone. Once a diagnosis is reached, we can prescribe the most effective treatment to restore your oral health and alleviate the pain. Dental issues such as breaking your dentures, or a dislodging a dental crown also require prompt care. As an experienced professional, our 85224 dentist can provide a comprehensive spectrum of prosthetic, reconstructive and cosmetic dental services ranging from the restoration of a single tooth to the repair and replacement of damaged dentures and bridges.

Providing skilled and compassionate care, we are well equipped to manage and treat your dental emergency, while keeping you well-informed throughout your visit. To learn more about what to do in case of a dental emergency, call our 85224 dentist office today!

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